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CCSA Scholarship and CCSA Missions Endowment

CCSA Scholarship Fund

Chowan Christian Service Association (CCSA) Scholarships are given to deserving students preparing for Christian vocational service. Thanks to endowed scholarships and gifts, the CCSA has provided scholarship funding for students preparing for ministry since its inception in 2004. After graduation, many students have furthered their ministry education by enrolling in seminary or beginning work in a Christian vocation.

CCSA Missions Endowment

After success in aiding CCSA students through scholarship funding, the CCSA recognized an opportunity to assist Chowan Campus Ministry through creating the Chowan Christian Service Association Missions Endowment.

Chowan Campus Ministry has a robust program of stateside and overseas mission opportunities for students. In the last academic year, over 200 students gained valuable mission experiences through Campus Ministry. Providing such opportunities allows students to learn how to serve God, serve others, and deepen their Christian commitment. 

Return on Investment

  • Since CCSA’s inception, 97 students were awarded scholarships for tuition or books.
  • 11 students currently receive CCSA tuition scholarships.
  • CCSA Scholars have a 75% retention rate.
  • The Missions Endowment has provided over 70 mission trips scholarships to students on an international mission trip.
  • The Missions Endowment has provided full support for 7 student apprentices.
  • Student apprentices assist in leading the trips, preparing them to lead future trips.
  • Our Mission Fellows (students that receive a scholarship to go on a mission trip) have a 99% graduation rate.

CCSA (Chowan Christian Services Association) Challenge
The Chowan Christian Service Association (CCSA) provides opportunities for students to serve in Jesus’ name through tuition scholarships and missions endowments. Established in 2005 with the late Rev. Ronald McSwain as the first director, countless individuals and churches are partnering in support of the education and the preparation of future ministers. Charles Pond, Charter member and scholarship donor, will give $5,000 to the Ronald W. and Betsy F. McSwain Missions Endowment when 35 gifts are given in support of any CCSA endowment. His gift is in memory of his close friend Ron McSwain and in memory of his wife Juanita Pond who generously supported CCSA.
35 Gift Goal
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Join Linda Weaver, Board of Trustee Member, in celebrating our 175th Birthday
Linda Weaver is challenging the Chowan Family to help us celebrate this monumental milestone of 175 years. When 30 gifts are made of $175+, Linda’s generous contribution of $5,000 will be unlocked to the Chowan Fund. All gifts of $175+ will also receive a limited edition commemorative etched glass.
30 Gift Goal
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First Time Donors Challenge
This challenge encourages donors to make their first gift to Chowan. At the end of Chowan Gives, a name from the first time donors list will be drawn and that person will select an area of his/her choice for the $1,000 bonus. Lynette Bunch, Board of Trustee member, encourages you to make your first gift to Chowan!
Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce, Let's Eat Off-Campus-Student Challenge
Students who donate $17.50 or more during Chowan Gives will be eligible for a random drawing for gift cards to area restaurants, etc. This challenge is brought to you by the Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce!
Scholarship Challenge
The Sheryl Brown Whitley Scholarship in Business was established in Sheryl’s memory by her parents. Wayne and Shirley Brown challenge you to support the scholarship program by making a gift in memory or honor of someone important to you. When 50 gifts are given to support any scholarship endowment, their gift of $20,000 will be unlocked and fully realized.
50 Gift Goal
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1965 Red Hot Ford Mustang Fastback Challenge
Alumnus Barry Bradberry, Class of 1973, is sponsoring this challenge. Barry drove a 1965 red Ford Mustang Fastback when he was a student at Chowan and he still owns and drives it today! The car was featured in the movie “Dare to Be.” 25 gifts of $19.65 or more will unlock his donation of $1,000. Donations will be placed in the Alumni Loyalty Fund.
25 Gift Goal
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The 175th Donor Challenge
The donor who makes the 175th contribution during Chowan Gives will unlock a $500 gift to the area of their choice from Elaine Myers, Board of Trustee member and a 175th Celebration Committee member.
Rush Hour Power Hour
Win a starbucks $10 digital gift card between the hours of 8 am-9 am on April 5th when you donate $25.00+. 10 names will be drawn. This challenge is brought to you by Alumni Council President, Maurice Fluitt.
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