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Criminal Justice
Welcome to the Department of Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminal Justice provides excellent educational opportunities for learning in a nurturing environment, combining teaching with service. Criminal Justice majors at Chowan University will gain vital skills and knowledge in the areas of criminal delinquent processes, criminology, law enforcement, law adjudication, and corrections while evaluating the moral and ethical issues of public servants. The Department of Criminal Justice offers a Criminal Justice, BS and Criminal Justice, AA.

Our success rate is phenomenal in that 95% of our graduates are either employed or accepted into a graduate school of their choice upon graduation. A number of recent graduates are currently attending law school. We have students that were accepted into the University of Vermont Law, University of Houston, Campbell University, and the University of Mississippi. In addition, we have students employed as:

  • FBI
  • Secret Service
  • Probation Officer
  • Correction Officer
  • Law Clerk

At Chowan University Criminal Justice majors receive a general foundation of coursework and then the option of taking courses that interest them personally.

Our Mission Statement

The Department of Criminal Justice seeks to provide all students with a broad liberal arts education along with a balanced perspective on the study and practices of the criminal justice system. Each graduate will leave with a keen sense of human values and renewed appreciation for justice and equality. The faculty is committed to engaging and teaching students with passion and rigor, knowing that all students learn differently in a diverse environment. The Department prepares students for graduate school or professional employment by building strong skills in critical thinking, as well as written and verbal communication, analysis, and ethical consideration. 

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